Metadata Elements

Required Elements
Label DPLA Property Description
(Label) Collection (DPLA Property) dcterms:isPartOf (Description) Collection or aggregation of which described resource is a part Ohio Postcard Collection, Toledo Area Jewish History Details
(Label) Data Provider (DPLA Property) edm:dataProvider (Description) The organization or entity that supplies data to DPLA through a Provider. Details
(Label) Is Shown At (DPLA Property) edm:IsShownAt (Description) Unambiguous URL reference to digital object in its full information context Details
(Label) Preview (DPLA Property) edm:Preview (Description) The URL of a thumbnail, extract or other type of resource representing the digital object for the purposes of providing a preview Details
(Label) Standardized Rights Statement (DPLA Property) edm:rights (Description) The URI of the rights statement from or URI of the license from that applies to the digital object or digital representation found at edm:isShownAt. The statement found at the URI cannot contradict or repeat information found in the dc:rights element. This field is the priority rights field and is required. Details
(Label) Title (DPLA Property) dcterms:title (Description) Primary name given to the described resource Handsome Homes of Columbus, Ohio; Historical Collections of Ohio Details
Recommended Elements
Label DPLA Property Description
(Label) Creator (DPLA Property) dcterms:creator (Description) Entity primarily responsible for making described resource President Edmund B. Paxton; Columbus Writers Club Details
(Label) Date (DPLA Property) dc:date (Description) Date value as supplied by data provider 1940-02-20; 1940-02; 1940; February 20, 1940 Details
(Label) Format (DPLA Property) dc:format (Description) Physical medium or dimensions of described resource. Literal drawing; photograph; image/gif; Details
(Label) Language (DPLA Property) dcterms:language (Description) Language(s) of described resource en; en-US; eng; English Details
(Label) Place (DPLA Property) dcterms:spatial (Description) Spatial characteristics of described resource, such as a country, city, region, address or other geographical term. Captures aboutness Ohio; Columbus, Ohio; Downtown; 96 S Grant Avenue; 6.703, 46.627 Details
(Label) Subject (DPLA Property) dcterms:subject (Description) Topic of described resource Dogs; Airplanes; Rhodes, James A. (James Allen), 1909-2001 Details
(Label) Type (DPLA Property) dcterms:type (Description) Nature or genre of described resource Image; Sound; Text Details
Optional Elements
Label DPLA Property Description
(Label) Alternate Title (DPLA Property) dcterms:alternative (Description) Any alternative title of the described resource including abbreviations and translations The book Columbus 400 has five known alternative titles including: Business 400 of Columbus; Men of the Ohio Capital; et al. Details
(Label) Contributor (DPLA Property) dcterms:contributor (Description) Entity responsible for making contributions to described resource Editor: Charles W. Seward; Photographer: Herb Topy Details
(Label) Description (DPLA Property) dcterms:description (Description) Includes but is not limited to: an abstract, a table of contents, or a free-text account of described resource Bill Moss posed with Tina Turner and Eddie Castleberry, the program director of WVKO. Details
(Label) Extent (DPLA Property) dcterms:extent (Description) Size or duration of described resource 21 minutes; 899 kb; 250 pages; 35 mm Details
(Label) Identifier (DPLA Property) dcterms:identifier (Description) ID of described resource within a given context 0385424728 [ISBN]; Westerville_00099 Details
(Label) Publisher (DPLA Property) dcterms:publisher (Description) Entity responsible for making the described resource available, typically the publisher of a text The Ohio Sentinel Publishing Company; F.J. Heer Publishing Co. Details
(Label) Relation (DPLA Property) dc:relation (Description) Related resource If an item is related or a part of another resource; for example a picture being scanned from a book than a bibliographic citation would be given to the book. Ex:Columbus Men Worthwhile: Presented in Cartoon, by Billy Ireland, OH 741.5 I652c, (p.219) Details
(Label) Rights (DPLA Property) dc:rights (Description) Information about rights held in and over the described resource that expands on information found in the edm:rights field. Only use if adding additional information found in the edm:rights field, as the field cannot contradict or repeat information found in edm:rights element. Details
(Label) Rights Holder (DPLA Property) dcterms:rightsholder (Description) A person or organization owning or managing rights over the resource Herb Topy; The Ohio State University Details
(Label) Temporal Coverage (DPLA Property) dcterms:temporal (Description) Temporal characteristics of the described resource. Captures aboutness 19th Century; 1850s Details