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ODN Glossary

Archive – an organization or place where historic documents and materials are stored and preserved.

Conservation – the act of preserving and sometimes repairing historic materials. This can include passive actions such as light and climate control, or more aggressive measures such as reparation of damage.

Content Hub – Larger cultural heritage organizations that work directly with DPLA to display their digital collections at

Digital Asset Management System (DAM or DAMs) – platforms and/or software packages that organizations can use to store, organize, and provide access to their digital content.

Here are some popular examples:

Digital Preservation – the act and process of preserving the integrity of and access to digital content and services.

Digital Public Library of America – An non-profit organization and website that provides access to digitized cultural heritage collections from institutions across the United States. DPLA is free for all to use and access, at

Digitization – the process of creating digital images and files as records and representations of physical images. Includes photographic prints and negatives, motion picture film, printed and handwritten documents, and more.

Harvest/Ingest – the process by which DPLA and ODN’s systems collect metadata from your digital collections and link it to the website.

Metadata – data that provides information about other data. In this case, metadata refers to the descriptive text that accompanies and describes attributes of a digital object.

OAI-PMH – Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting. A protocol built so that metadata can be harvested from digital collections and be incorporated into larger services and systems.

Ohio Digital Network – Ohio’s DPLA Service Hub, consisting of digital collections from a mix of cultural heritage institutions across Ohio. For more info on participation contact us.

REPOX – the software that ODN and many other DPLA Hubs use to aggregate metadata for inclusion in DPLA.

Service Hub – Collaborative organizations who aggregate metadata from the digital collections of libraries, museums, archives (and more), in order to display these digital collections on the website. ODN is Ohio’s DPLA Service Hub More info here.

XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations) – the programming language ODN uses to transform and map metadata elements.