Executive Committee:

Wendy Knapp, State Library of Ohio

Amy Pawlowski, OhioLINK

Jillian Ramage, Ohio History Connection

Don Yarman, OPLIN

Outreach Working Group:

Jenni Salamon, Chair, Ohio History Connection

Sara Butler-Tongate, Bowling Green State University

Virginia Dressler, Kent State University

Amanda Gress, Coshocton Public Library

John Piatt, Piqua Public Library

Emily Rinaman, Tiffin-Seneca Public Library

Adam Wanter, MidPointe Library System


ODN Staff


Evan Struble, State Library of Ohio, Associate State Librarian for Library Development

Jen Johnson, State Library of Ohio, Library Consultant/Project Coordinator

Penelope Shumaker, State Library of Ohio, Metadata Librarian

Peter Kukla, State Library of Ohio, Software Development Specialist




Ohio’s 4 Digitization Hubs (DigiHubs) can assist your institution with digitization project needs, ranging from equipment use to metadata creation.


Digitization Equipment List

Information & Questions (613) 645-2275


Digitization Equipment List

Information & Questions (513) 369-6900


Digitization Equipment List

Information & Questions (419) 259-5200


Digitization Equipment List

Information & Questions

Call (216) 623-2800

Or learn more online

Community Engagement Centers:

The Community Engagement Centers, or CECs, are representatives from each type of contributor to the Ohio Digital Network, and liaisons to Ohio Digital Network staff project staff. Look for communication and project updates from them, and feel free to contact them with feedback or questions about how ODN and DPLA work.

Museums + Historical Societies Preview

Museums + Historical Societies

Ohio History Connection
Jenni Salamon

Educational Institutions Preview

Educational Institutions

Erin Kilkenny

Public Libraries Preview

Public Libraries