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As Ohio’s service hub for the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA), Ohio Digital Network (ODN) is working to make digital collections from all Ohio Digital Network Cultural Heritage Institutions freely accessible to the world.

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Scrip Note – Contributing Institution: Worthington Libraries

Prior to preparing your content, please complete the Ohio Digital Network Contributor Agreement and submit to the Ohio Digital Network via email.  

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In order to best prepare for the metadata harvest by the ODN for DPLA, please review the Best Practices Guide.

Ohio Digital Network’s Metadata Application Profile:

After you have completed the steps to prepare your metadata, and feel your content is ready for harvest, please complete the survey.

For aggregation and inclusion in the DPLA, metadata for the Ohio DPLA Project must be contributed with a Creative Commons CC0 license.



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We’ve talked about Akron and the Ohio Ballet in a previous blog post, but not about the annual Akron Dance Festival, also known as the Heinz Poll Summer Dance Festival. Now in its 13th year, the Festival honors the legacy and work of Ohio Ballet’s co-founder, Heinz Poll. Spread out over several weeks of the […]

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ODN Item of the Week: May 4 Oral Histories

Kent State University has done an extremely thorough job of documenting, reflecting on, and memorializing the events of May 1-4, 1970 that culminated in members of the Ohio Army National Guard firing into a group of unarmed students, killing 4 and injuring 9. Some of the students were taking part in a protest of U.S. […]

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