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Language (Recommended)

Language(s) of described resource(e.g. en; en-US; eng; English)

Language Example
Property Value
Label Language
DPLA Propertydcterms:language
DescriptionLanguage(s) of described resource
Exampleen; en-US; eng; English
Controlled Vocab / SyntaxISO 639-2 terminology codes only; Lexvo
DC 1.1 Mappingdc:language
MARC Mapping008/35-37; 041 0# subfield a (language code) with a subfield 2 of “iso639-3” being the best standard.
NotesEither a coded value or text string can be represented here. If the content is in more than one language, the element may be repeated. Recommended best practice is to use a controlled vocabulary. DPLA's lSO 639-3 terms:
Property Glossary
Index of Properties
Label The unique name used in the Metadata Application Profile.
Status Status labels for elements can include Required, Recommended, and Optional.
Description Brief description of the element.
Refines The Dublin Core metadata field of which the described term is a sub-property.
Repeatable ‘YES’ means that a field may be used multiple times in an item record.
‘NO’ means that a field can onlt be used once in an item record.
Controlled Vocab/Syntax Recommended vocabulary for element, if available.
(For data quality and consistency)
DC 1.1 Mapping The Dublin Core element to which the metadata field name maps.
MARC Mapping The MARC field to which the Dublin Core metadata is crosswalked.
Notes Applicable notes for the element.
Example Examples of best practices for the described field.