Getting Started

The first step to preparing for harvest is to make sure that your collection is ready. All metadata must meet the requirements found in the ODN Metadata Application Profile (MAP). You can view the ODN MAP here. If you have any questions about the MAP requirements please don’t hesitate to contact us.

MAP Guide

As you review the MAP here are a few important things to keep in mind:

Required Fields

The two required fields you will need to manually add to your data are Title, and Standardized Rights Statement. We cannot add these fields for you, and in the case of the Standardized Rights Statement field you will need to strictly adhere to the field requirements. See Required Fields for more detailed formatting requirements.

The other required fields (Data Provider, Collection, Is Shown At, and Preview) are derived fields. This means we will automatically add them to your metadata in the process of harvest and transformation. You do not need to add these fields in your metadata.

Required Fields

Recommended Fields

Check all of your metadata fields for quality. ODN will not always check, or alert you to, the metadata quality issues in every field. Consider checking spelling, consistency, and controlled vocabularies. See the Recommended Fields Formatting Requirements section for more information about these fields.

After checking all of your metadata fields for accuracy, list each of your metadata fields that you want to appear in DPLA. Match each of these fields to a field on the ODN MAP. While it may seem that some fields are obvious matches, please list all of your fields. This helps us ensure that your data is correctly delivered to DPLA. Be prepared to include this list in the survey linked below.

Recommended Fields

Check your OAI feed and settings.

See OAI Settings for detailed instructions on these processes.

  • Make sure your OAI-PHM feed is set to share metadata.
  • Make sure you are not sending page level records.
  • If possible, remove deleted records from your feed.

OAI Settings

After you complete these steps, and feel your metadata is ready for harvest please return your completed mapping template to Penelope Shumaker.

Please direct metadata questions to
Penelope Shumaker, Metadata Librarian at