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ODN Item of the Week: Monsignor Joseph Jessing

John Joseph Jessing was born in Prussia (now Germany) in 1836. His father died when he was only 4 years old, so Joseph spent many hours of his childhood working in a printing shop to help support his family. The skills he learned in the printing industry would prove vital, but he had always wanted […]

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ODN Item of the Week: Northwest Library

Have you visited Northwest Library in Columbus? Opened in 1996, it is the first library in Ohio to be jointly operated by two library systems – Worthington Libraries and Columbus Metropolitan Libraries. The two systems came together on this project because of the overlap in service area between the two communities. Construction for the branch […]

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ODN Item of the Week: Cardinal grosbeak

This week we are looking at the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, ODN’s largest contributor to date. With over 35,000 items, there are a lot of great opportunities for items to highlight. One of the more beautiful collections to review, especially since it’s starting to feel like Spring in Ohio, […]

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