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ODN Item of the Week: Cardinal grosbeak

This week we are looking at the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, ODN’s largest contributor to date. With over 35,000 items, there are a lot of great opportunities for items to highlight. One of the more beautiful collections to review, especially since it’s starting to feel like Spring in Ohio, […]

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ODN Item of the Week: All by myself

We’ve seen great photographs, documents, and even audio interviews so far, but DPLA is also a resource for something you might not expect – sheet music! Bowling Green University’s library has over 600 titles in their digital collections, and you can browse and search to find the perfect song you need for your upcoming piano […]

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ODN Item of the Week: 1933 Being a Cartograph of Ohio

Historic maps are one of my favorite features of what digitization projects can make accessible to the world. Useful as a tool in many facets of research including land use, local economies, survey updates, and genealogy, the range of maps available online today is extensive. And while beautiful maps are still being created today, a […]

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