ODN Item of the Week: Gravestone Records

Genealogists have used bound lists of cemetery and death records to conduct their research for years, and now that many of those records have been placed online their work has gotten easier.

Toledo Lucas County Public Library takes this type of resource even further, making the headstone records of local (and now defunct) Toledo business Lloyd Brothers Walker Monuments Company available to all through the Digital Public Library of America.

A 2007 story in The Blade details that Edward Lloyd, a stone cutter from England, started the company after working on the creation of the Erie Canal. They designed headstones and monuments worldwide, and expanded company offices both before and after the business was sold to Ohio businessman Jamie Walker in 1970.

Over the decades, scores of business transactions were recorded that provide clues to many on the hunt for genealogical data. Along with transcriptions of the requested headstone text, there were details such as who purchased the stones and when, where it was to be placed, and even the material that stone was to be made of.

You can see over 1,200 gravestone records from Lloyd Brothers Walker Monuments Company at DPLA right now, and almost 5,000 gravestone records and photographs from contributors across the country, too.