ODN Item of the Week: The Gadding Vine and Wine List

Did you know that Kent State University is home to Ohio’s only degree programs for the production of wine? Their Ashtabula campus has programs in both viticulture (the cultivation and harvesting of grapes) and enology (the study of wines), and deep ties to the wine community in Ohio.

In addition to hosting the Ohio Wine Collection as part of their library’s special collections, Kent State has shared these materials with all users of DPLA.

Courtesy Kent State University and Markko Vineyard

This week, we are looking at the number 12 issue of The Gadding Vine and Wine List, from the Fall of 1983. It includes notes from Markko’s grape harvest, and some news about an award-winning chardonnay.

With over 200 items in this collection, many of them photographs of wineries around Ohio, you can easily learn quite a bit about the history of wines in the region, and maybe plan some winery visits of your own!