More Collection Info Now on DPLA

DPLA has been rolling out the updates this summer, and we’ve got an exciting new one to share. When browsing or searching for content on DPLA, you can now refine your results by the contributor’s collections. What does this mean, aside from an even easier way to find what you are looking for? Let’s take a look:

Added to the list of search facets (left), you’ll see the Collection option available at all levels of your search. When looking at Ohio Digital Network items (right), you’ll see collection titles (as provided by their respective contributing institutions) across all ODN contributors, and when looking at a specific contributor’s collection, say, Cleveland Public Library, you’ll see collections specific to that library only.


Not only is this a great way to find specific items you’re looking for, it also gives helpful context for anything you come across on DPLA – a win all around!