Topic Transportation in Ohio (and its evolution)
Time Period 1700s to 1900s
Keyword(s) Transportation; Commerce;
Grade level(s) 3-4; 
Learning standard(s) Grade 3: CS 2, CS3, CS5, CS 6, CS 7, CS 18, 

Grade 4: 

This primary source set looks at the various ways Ohioians traversed the state and the impact those modes of transportation had on economic and civic development. From white european explorers using Lake Erie and Ohio’s many rivers, to the invention of the steamboat and introduction of the canals, to the birth of flight and proliferation of automobile, and finally, the introduction of the modern interstate system, Ohio has seen it all. At each point, Ohio, its cities, and its peoples were greatly affected.

This set starts off by looking at early westward expansion by European whites and colonization of Ohio. It looks at how these colonizers would have arrived in what would become Ohio and how, later on, they would have travelled through it to go further west.

The set will then look at the development of steam engines, the impact this had on transportation in Ohio, and the development and construction of the various canals.

Next, the set will touch on the introduction of railroads, the development of flight, the ploferiation of the automobile, and the decline of transportation by waterway.

Finally, the set will look at modern modes of transportation – highlighting the development of the interstate system and its impact on Ohio.

Early European Exploration

White settlement and Growth

By River or Canal

Industrial Era

Modern Era

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